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My name is Megan Lendman and I truly believe that the world is a beautiful place. When I look around I see the tall, straight lines of buildings, the natural spontaneous curves in the branches of trees, the gentle light gliding over a face and the composition inspires me to grasp the moment. People inspire me with the light and love that radiate through relationships, art, business endeavors, or simply their personalities. Photography for me is a way I can better appreciate the world around me while showing others the light that I see in the world. 

My philosophy for photography is to realize the light within (people or nature) by capturing the light through the medium of photography on a day where love, creation, or aspirations fuel that light very bright for all to see.


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2018 Grand Rapids, MI, Homemade, solo exhibition at The Remedy House. Currently Showing!

2016 Grand Rapids, MI, China: Life of the Civilian, solo exhibition at The Factory. 

2015 Louisville, KY, Throwing Light/Catching Shadows, group exhibition for invited speakers, image from the series Four Bars of Open Mic

2015 Allendale, MI, GVSU Student Scholars Day, group exhibition, selected works from Homemade

2015 Grand Rapids, MI, Glitter Milk Gallery, group exhibition entitled NSFW, entire showcase of Those Burlesque Girls

2015 Grand Rapids, MI, GVSU Blue Wall Gallery, solo exhibition with entire showcase of China: Life of the Civilian

2014 Allendale, MI, GVSU Art Gallery, Framed Illumino Senior Photography Thesis, entire showcase of Homemade

2014 Grand Rapids, MI, Avenue for the Arts Free Radical, Group Exhibition entitled Mirror Reflections, entire showcase of People at Work

2014 Allendale, MI, GVSU Red Wall Gallery, solo exhibition with entire showcase of China: Life of the Civilian

2014 Grand Rapids, MI, Avenue for the Arts Art.Downtown., group exhibition entitled Lumos, entire showcase of Light Love

2013 Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, Moon Dog Bar Gallery, selected works from China: Life of the Civilian


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Community Memberships


Leadership With Purpose - Selected Cohort Member 2016

Society for Photographic Education - Member since 2013

     Louisville, KY - Regional Conference 2015 - Presenter & Scholarship Recipient

     New Orleans, LA - National Conference 2015 - Scholarship Recipient

     Baltimore, MD - National Conference 2014

     Chicago, IL - National Conference 2013

     Cincinnati, OH - Regional Conference 2013

Avenue for the Arts - Member since 2013

     Free Radical 2014 - "Mirror Reflections"

     Art.Downtown. 2014 - "Lumos"


Megan Lendman
based in Grand Rapids, MI

available worldwide

616 633 4467

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my favorite things

  • supporting local people
  • holistic health
  • artistic expression
  • love
  • craft beer
  • community
  • cross-cultural communication
  • professional & personal development
  • dogs
  • lake michigan
  • family
  • live music
  • the moon cycle
  • beaded jewelry
  • homegrown & homemade meals
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