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SPENOLA Video Fundraising Campaign

There comes a point for everyone, when people start asking the fateful question of, “What are you going to do with your life?” College comes around shortly after, and the question turns into reality, warping our lives as specific choices are made, and here we find ourselves now. For us, the answers to that question all revolve around one thing that bring us together: photography. 

This campaign is focusing on nine Undergraduate photography students from Grand Valley State University from the Grand Rapids area in Michigan, who are embarking in our education and our careers, searching for what our craft can do for us and for others.

The Society for Photographic Education (SPE) is a network of professional photographers who come together twice a year to share photographic passions with other like-minded people. Professionals from National Geographic, New York Times, Aperture, Adobe, Canon, Kodak, and Ilford are just a few of the consistent lecturers and venders. Beyond the big names there are professors, artists, students, and curators, who all have one connecting interest, photography.

This year, SPE will be hosting their National conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have already purchased our plane tickets, booked our hotel, and are finishing assembling our portfolios. For the past several months, the nine of us have spent countless hours collaborating with each other, our professors, and outside sources to help get ready for this conference. But this has been no easy feat and we could most certainly use your help. As college students, we all pay our own way and are left behind in debt before we even start making money.  

SPE National has a lot to offer for all of us. It brings together photographers from all over the world, and we can all dive into a conversation about something we care deeply about. This is a chance to see what other people have to say about the medium, have our work reviewed, and to NETWORK!

Please watch our video, listen to our story and decide for yourself if you would like to invest in our passions. My colleagues and I all see a little differently and showcase our visions even more differently, but we have our community in common and would love for that community to include you!

By donating, you are supporting our visions, encouraging our endeavors, and propelling us into our professionalism. Our promise to you is that we will show you what our trip was like and all of the ideas and connections we created. A follow-up video will showcase these discoveries and more. Contribute to our community and we will bring you along for the ride. Thank you.

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The SPENOLA crew. 

The SPENOLA crew.