Megan Lendman Photography


EA Brady's - My Local Butcher

I am proud to say that my local butcher is EA Brady's because of the integrity of their products and friendly atmosphere. The first day I ever wandered into their store was months ago and it happened to be 10 minutes before they closed. I was wary of entering because I know people like to get home after a long day of work and I didn't want to get in the way of any of their plans. But because of my curiosity, I entered anyway. Instead of quickly being served and turned away, I was welcomed by one of the brothers who run the store. He took the time explain to me the quality of their meat and the farms they work with. "Since the organic label is incredibly expensive, as long as the farms are doing it right, we accept their products" he told me that day. So far I have experienced nothing but friendliness and delicious meat that I feel like I can be proud of. Thank you EA Brady's for being an important part of my community.