Megan Lendman Photography


2017 in Review


Wow! I could not be more thankful to my clients, friends, and family for making this year an incredible visionary experience. Thanks to my various clients - couples, businesses, farms, ranches, and individuals - I had the best commercial year of my photography business. In August, I was able to go full time as a photographer which truly has been a dream for a long time. The more time I was able to invest in my business meant many innovations and upgrades for my future clients including - customizable quote guides, engraved flash drives, new gear that enhanced the variety and quality of my imagery. This year I also printed more photos than I have in years and let me tell you, it feels AWESOME to have many of my favorite images filling the walls of my house! 

2018 promises many more inspired innovations as well including:

  • a Wedding Photography Guide which will serve as a major bridal resource for those list oriented people and as a source of inspiration for the more artistic
  • collaboration with other visionary photographers like paulina m photography that will give clients a wider variety of inspired imagery
  • destination photography in the jungles of Costa Rica and New York City!
  • photography prints available online and in a few local stores in Grand Rapids, MI 
  • a photography meet-up where inspired image-makers can get together to practice making work with the support of others
  • reclaimed wood photo accessories to display printed imagery
  • and a continued attitude of optimism for this beautiful world

Every year, I am proud to see how my vision expands and my skills in this craft fine tune. Photography has offered me a way to create bridges with visual imagery and I am eager to continue to build these bridges for others. I hope you enjoy this video of my favorite images from 2017!

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All my love,