Megan Lendman Photography


New York, New York

hustle bustle and a whole lot of tussle. New York City has a life of its own, a certain type of energy only felt among the streets and skyscrapers. NYC is one of those places that even if you've never been, you've heard so much about it and seen so many photos that you felt like you have. The truth is, though images can say 1,000 words they cannot share the sounds, the smells, and the looks that New York offers. 

One of my clients flew me out for a magical engagement session in Central Park. Since I had never been to NYC I wanted to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore the city. So my partner Dan and I packed our bags and booked an AirBnb and left the planning to our intuitions once we arrived. This strategy served us well as we fed our curiosities with new subway stations every other hour. From SOHO to Chelsea, from Brooklyn to Dumbo, from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC offers something completely different around every corner. 

My flower child spirit was happy to see so many parks and flourishing trees throughout the city. Though I know that my heart will only truly be happy with woods and a Great Lake nearby, I enjoyed every exhausting moment exploring the Big Apple.

Here are some views of the discoveries: