Megan Lendman Photography


Travel blog of a wild woman who loves the earth, moon, and sun with all the light in her heart.

Boynton Canyon & Grandmother Tree


Shoes off, toes free. My dear friend and I hopped from rock to rock down a river bed after a flood. Alligator junipers everywhere with their mint green leaves and giant berries blue. Some trees had fallen in the flood while others displayed their strength 80ft tall. Grandmother tree was the tallest with a hundred strong limbs extending wide from her girth. Amazing from afar and breathtaking up close. I sat at her roots and together we shared visions of carefree moments. “I was young once,” she whispered playfully. I smiled as I imagined my body free among her wet roots. I look over at my friend, intrigued by this vision. I make it true, by removing every last constricting article of clothing. I play in her puddles and climb her branches, bearing my bare everything.

I am wild. I am free.

photos of me taken by my dear friend Paulina M Photography