Megan Lendman Photography


Travel blog of a wild woman who loves the earth, moon, and sun with all the light in her heart.

Lockett Meadow & the Golden Aspens


Aspens, golden as honey and whimsical like a story written time and time again. Looking up at their tall white trunks, they wave in the wind - both at me and at the sun. My feet silently tread the forest floor, over the damp leaf bed. I lay on my back to get a better look. Each tree undulates to a different wind rhythm. My mind wanders to moments of insecurity and my stomach churns in discomfort. I look up again at the yellow leaves. “It’s ok,” they whisper, “we are here to illuminate and motivate.” So I let the memories wash, observing where I felt each thought in my body. The discomfort fades as I let the golden leaves fill my soul. “I RELEASE” I say both out load and internally. I let the wind blow off the thoughts that hold me back. Slowly and surely I realized that was true. The trees heard me and so did my tigers eye necklace. Without a trace she left my neck returning to the Earth, along with my insecurities.