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Kind words about Megan Lendman Photography services offered by some of her clients.


Kind Words


"Megan did an absolutely beautiful job with both our engagement and wedding photos. My husband and I are super awkward when it comes to these types fo things but she somehow managed to get us to loosen up and was able to provide us with some photos we will cherish forever. As far as the photos from the wedding day, we couldn't be happier with what we got! We are able to truly relive that day forever because Megan captured everything the way it was, not just the way it was staged to be. She is incredibly skilled when it comes to candid shots and those were some of our favorites because nothing beats a genuine smile (and she got just about everyone :) ). She also got some excellent shots of all of the little details and textures which we loved because we put a lot of time and effort into them. Because of the thought she put into what she was capturing, we have a very diverse and well rounded collection of photos from that day. My husband and I would highly recommend Megan Lendman photography to any couple for engagement and wedding photos."

Chyna Implom | Michigan | Wedding & Engagement



"Megan was reliable, professional, and fun to work with. She has a positive attitude and made us feel comfortable when we felt totally awkward to be in front of the camera on our wedding day! She had lots of great ideas for shots, and also took our ideas into consideration. We loved the final product - a mix of artsy and classic. We highly recommend her!!"

Kehly Hales | Rockford, MI | Wedding Photography


"Megan has an eye for photographing the unexpected and turns the unplanned shots into the winners of the day. I've worked with Megan on a variety of projects for over four years ranging from Senior class photos for my son to a concert performed by Grammy-award winning pianist. Her flexibility and collaborative spirit maximized the quality of the images. I will be calling Megan back for any future photography needs."

— Liz Bartz | Grand Rapids, MI | Family and Music Photography



"Megan Lendman did a beautiful job with our family portraits. We appreciated the time she took to scope out locations with gorgeous natural scenery. Megan was very easy to work with and accommodating of our family’s needs. She made us feel very comfortable during the photo shoot and we had fun hiking through the woods with her. We were so excited to receive our photos and share them with family and friends!"

— C | Grand Rapids, MI | Family Portraits



"Finding Megan to work with me and my team at Grand Valley (College of Education) was an unexpected blessing! I needed someone to photograph a large event with various moving, complicated factors such as venue size, individuals vs. groups, and a myriad of lighting challenges.  Megan was up to the challenge...and has continued to be the photographer of choice for this event!  

Her work is sharp, focused, and engaging and is successful at capturing both staged shots and candid moments.  Her professional manner is friendly and accommodating and her movement throughout the event was always subtle and never distracting.  With near 'cat-like' grace she deftly moves around the venue gathering the images which easily convey the action and tell the story.  Her final product is always professionally conveyed and delivered and easy to access.  An added bonus has been having images for both print production purposes, as well as for online/web usage.

Add to all of this, her competitive rates and a willingness to work closely to ensure that the final requirements are deftly met, it's no secret to see why Megan is the photographer I enjoy working with! "  

— Forrest Clift | Grand Rapids, MI | Award Ceremony Photography



"Not only can Megan take beautiful posed photography, she also does fantastic candid shots capturing the smallest moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. Last spring, I asked Megan if she could take photos of students Kids' Food Basket serves as they tried different fruits and vegetables (some for the first time). Elementary school students are not the easiest group to get shots of on the fly, however, she took advantage of every opportunity getting shots in which you can feel the children's energy and joy radiating through the picture. In one series of shots, it's like you are right there with a little girl as she holds the tomato, then bites into it with a smile, then the end result of the bite with the cutest sour expression where you can tell that maybe tomato is not her favorite! I felt like I was in the moment myself, which shows the true power of an image. Thank you for capturing the beauty and joy of our amazing kids. "

— Brandy Arnold | Kid’s Food Basket | Grand Rapids, MI | Event Photography

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